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Discover What Makes Us Unique

Our courses are confidential and carefully orchestrated to assure compatibility with individual needs and well-being. 

With our quick confirmation process, you can start your journey towards success without any delay.



Here's what we offer

 "I Need a Pep Talk" 

Lately You feel You’ve gotten off track. Unique is here to help You with that!

(30-Minute Session)

 "I Just Need a Push" 

Maybe You feel I’ve got this, but I need encouragement and a bit of motivation to go with this‼️ A Unique Touch You don't want to MISS!

2 Weeks

(2 30-Minute Sessions)

"I Realize that this going to take time"  

You’ve come to realize just how much You deeply love God and doing all You can not to SIN, but at times feel You can’t win ! Unique will help You realize it’s NOT a SIN issue it’s a ROOT ISSUE‼️ Deliverance is The KEY 

4 Weeks

(4 30-Minute Sessions)

Week 1: Rooting It Out 

Realizing it's a root issue, not a sin issue

Week 2: Know Your Why

Understanding that God has sent You with a Purpose

Week 3: Being Pushed

Persevering Past Problems

Week 4: Walking in Spirit

Uncovering the truth with a BOLD admiration of God

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