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Certified Mentor and Life Coach

through Faith C. Wokama PSY.D of Destiny Training Academy.

Verified Certification of Educational Teaching accompanied with Mentor and Coaching through KU LEUVEN INSTITUTION. 

20 Years of Mentoring and coaching in organizations such as churches, senior living homes to public schools. 

Hi, I'm Coach Unique! 

Coach Unique was born on July 23rd in Houston, Texas. God thought to send an angel over with a big heart to make His presence known. Coach Unique grew up in church and had her first encounter with God at the age of four.

Her desire to read the Word increased immensely and continued all throughout her teenage years! She also street ministered with her Father and had prophetic church services with her Grandmother.

All this led Unique to know God In Spirit and In Truth. With the passing of her grandmother (just like Elijah and Elisha) a mantle for the prophetic was left and she freely begin to use her gift. Elijah "threw" the mantle over Elisha when he called him to serve (1 Kings 19:19). Then, later, just as Elijah was taken up to heaven the mantle fell to the ground and Elishia took it as his own. He chose it as his own (2 Kings 2:13)


We are a Spiritual Faith-based, life coaching and mentoring program where the Word of God is the foundation and principle on which we stand.

(Galatian 2:20) Allowing Christ to be our lead.
We are located in Maryland.


We, coach and mentor individuals or groups, live and via online chat or Zoom meetings.


Our company is owned and managed by Mrs. Unique and her team. She has been professionally Coaching and Mentoring for more than 10 years before launching Our company in 2011.

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